Artist / Speaker
Pieter Malfiet



The idea is to present the collection of found objects I gathered during my hitchhiking trip trough ex-Yougouslavia. Collecting objects from the road is something I’ve been doing as long as i remember. During this trip, automaticly I was doing the same, and took a photograph of all the objects when i got back home. After half a year now, all the objects got a place or got lost in my home. The goal is to try reconstruate the same composition from the photograph I took 6 months ago, not knowing how many of the objects will be found back, and to present the original photograph together with the re-made composition.



Adventurous soul, intrigued by the mystery of the cosmos, constantly seeking to find true connections in the artificial world we live in. In this process, traveling and meeting people are the keys in getting more understanding and consciousness. Nature is my biggest inspiration source which influences my different interests and obsessions but also connects the various media I work trough. Collecting, documentary making, story telling, photography, tattooing, streetinterventions, sculpturing, furniture making,… Trough this range of options I play around with endless possibilities to express my view on the world.