Artist / Speaker
Antonin Borgnon



I followed hitchhikers on their journey from April to September 2016. I found them via social media within my network or met them on the road and took photos of their trips in Poland, Germany and Turkey for a total of 3000 km.
With Markers, I focused on the time hitchhikers are looking for a car. I accompanied them in their enthusiasm, doubts, hopes, fears, joys and stress. Finally all of them found drivers that helped them to reach their destination.



I am a French photographer using mainly analogue cameras. I take care of all the photography process: shooting, development of the film and finally printing on silver gelatin fiber based paper. As I was thinking about a place to show my work, I noticed from my research on the web that contemporary artists who included hitchhiking in their art have never been gathered in one exhibition. I was surprised and felt that there was a big potential so I decided to look for artists/hitchhikers around the world and to organize a collective exhibition in Warsaw.