Artist / Speaker
Stefan Korn

THURSDAY, MAY 18TH 2017, 6:30pm

18 maja w ramach wystawy “Sztuka autostopu” Stefan Korn poprowadzi pierwszą prelekcją podróżniczą o swojej długodystansowej wyprawie autostopowej. Prezentacja w języku angielskim obejmie historie z jego dwuletniej podróży dookoła świata, które Stefan opisuje również na bloguWarmroads.de.



Stefan Korn is giving his first conference about long distance hitchhiking within the Art of hitchhiking exhibition, on the 18th of May at 6:30pm. The lecture, in English, follows his 2 years long hitchhiking travel around the world related on his blog Warmroads.de




Long distance hitchhiking evolved through the discovery, that movement during day and night-time is equally possible. It means to cover distances between 4.000 km – 20.000 km by hitchhiking in one trip. Sleeping as less as possible. Staying on the road all the time. i did several routes in North, Central and South America, Asia and Europe this way, which I will talk about.


Come with me on a journey this evening and let me show you my very special way of celebrating the art hitchhiking. Long distance hitchhiking is not about anything else but hitchhiking. Enjoying the show on the road. Getting soaked into this wicked world. And being alive.



“I hitchhike since more than 10 years, founded a hitchhiking club in Germany and follow the Russian school of competitive hitchhiking. In the year 2014 I quit my job, sold all my stuff and took off to hitchhike around the world. In the next two years I should travel through 58 countries and cover a distance of 2,5 times circumference of the earth. It is still hard to grasp this journey, even for me. I am back in Germany now. Not a Nomad anymore. But continue my very own path in life.”