Artist / Speaker
Amylin Loglisci



This poster of Art of hitchhiking is a combination of hard and soft. Since the exhibition is in May, there are the softer, classic symbols of spring – blooming flowers, birds (swallows, which are migrating birds, famous seasonal travelers) – drawn in hard, precise lines.

The hitchhiking hands, in contrast, start as a rich blood red outlined in black at the bottom and fade out upward into softer, abstract ink washes. The lettering, all written out meticulously by hand in ink and gouache, creates tension in its subtle imperfections against a background with obvious brushstrokes and paper fibers.

The brown craft paper, coarse and hard to tame with water-based media, is reminiscent of the cardboard often used in hitchhiking signs. The yellow, red, black, grey, and white coloring is symbolic of pavements, highways, and road signs. The yellow gouache, in fact, comes from a hitchhiking trip across China 10 years ago.


I also present 2 hand-drawn posters (colored pencil and ink on paper) for the second and third Hitchgatherings in 2009 and 2010, in Oddessa and Sines, respectively. Hitchgathering is a series of international hitchhiking meetings held in Europe and Northern America since 2008. The goal of the gatherings is to promote hitchhiking and is self-organized among travelers.



I am a lifelong artist and hitchhiker based in Istanbul, Turkey. I work as a freelance illustrator on and off the road. My work is water-media based and done by hand.