Artist / Speaker
Łukasz Siwiec



A series of over 200 portraits of people that gave me lifts during my many hitchhiking travels. I hitchhiked probably over 80 000 kilometers in about 50 countries and at some point just grew tired of people that were telling me that I should not do that because it’s dangerous. I started to take pictures of people that gave me lifts just because I wanted to remember them but than thought I that a series like that would be a really good way to show that vast majority of people are just good people, far from being dangerous in any way.



I am one of those people that just seem to be unable to stay still for a while, put down some roots as they say. For some unclear reason I always feel happier when I am on the move although usually not too fast a move. And I was doing quite a lot to be on the move – I took up various odd jobs and participated in quite a few volunteering projects around the globe and managed to find myself exchange programmes while studying. I don’t know why can’t I live without travels but I know that travels for me are not just about places and moving from A to B but also about people. Hitchhiking is a fusion of all of it.