Art of hitchhiking exhibition report:

The exhibition in a nutshell:


– 15 artists

– 3 worshops

– 4 days

– 200+ visitors 


Poster: Amylin Loglisci

Art of Hitchhiking – a collection of works inspired by the roads was the first exhibition that features contemporary artists inspired by hitchhiking.

The exhibition took place in the city center of Warsaw, at Warsztat Warszawski from the 17th to the 21st of May 2017.

The event gathered 15 artists from 11 countries coming with artworks reflecting on the subject of hitchhiking. Each artist comes with its own experience of hitchhiking and its own focus such as hitchhikers, drivers, their stories, the chaos of the journey or the fragility felt by the hitchhikers… The exhibition was accompanied as well by 3 lectures and workshops. You can discover artists and speakers at the Artists section of this website.


The idea of such an exhibition came from the observation that contemporary artists inspired by hitchhiking have never been gathered in one exhibition. A very successful call for participants has been posted in Polish, English, French, Portuguese, Turkish and Spanish and 15 artists were selected. A crowdfunding campaign have then been launch and 1300€ were gathered to fund the exhibition thanks to generous backers. You can find in our website the catalogue of the exhibition.


Wednesday 17th of May 2017

Opening of the exhibition only five months after the birth of the project, and one intense week of finishing.

After an introduction speech, the public of travelers, novice and expert hitchhikers, artists and friends discovered the 15 artists’ works.

Robin & Romain were here to film the opening for the documentary “metamorphose du pouce”. They hitchhiked especially from Paris for the exhibition.



Stefan Korn gave his lecture on long distance hitchhiking at the auditorium of Warsztat Warszawski. There is  more information about the lecture in our website and the lecture can be seen on Youtube (



In the afternoon, Clemens Schmid, animated a workshop about Matchbox cameras. Participants could build their own pinhole camera starting from a matchbox. Clemens was also presenting during the exhibition his photography project Memories in a matchbox. A short video of the workshop is on Facebook.

In the evening, Patrick Laviolette, Professor of Anthropology at Tallinn University, gave a lecture entitled “Waiting for Volvo”. There is more information about the lecture in our website.



The last day of the exhibition was the occasion to conduct interview with some of the artists and speakers. The interviews were live on Facebook and are still accessible online:


–  Guided tour of the exhibition in English and interview with Wiebke Jahns and Łukasz Paweł Siwiec

– Guided tour in English during the opening of the exhibiton with a short interview of Jolanta Lisicka (at 1:30)

– Guided tour of the exhibition in French and interview with Patrick Laviolette (Part 1/2, Part 2/2)

– Agnieszka Szreder, designer, presents the hitchhiking kit (Interview conducted a few days later)


Finally, it was great to gather artists and members of the informal hitchhiking community around the exhibition. Art was the medium of discussion about the rich practice that is hitchhiking. Half of the participating artists were present at the exhibition, and roughly 20 people came from abroad to attend the event.


After the exhibition:

– May 2017: Patrick Laviolette mentioned the exhibiton at the Exhibition/discussion/film screening event organized by Lýdia Pribišová at ZKU Berlin (

– August 2017, Hitchfest ( Some of the artworks were sent to Portugal to form a small outdoor exhibition.

– November 2017: Art of hitchhiking is presented at the occasion of the event Miracles in the mundane: hitchhiking and micro-adventures organized by the Bournemouth University (

– We are still open for collaborations


Many thanks for all the people who contributed to the success of the exhibition

For more info / inquiries, contact Antonin Borgnon (



More pictures of the exhibition: